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M&I International Ltd.
Business and service guide


Content of service

1.IT relation
  1. Large IT companies “IT Design,” “project management” support.
M&I shop Cosmetic/[deko]/accessories/beauty apparatus etc.
【net shop name】M&I shop
【select line】Cosmetic/[deko]/accessories/beauty apparatus etc.
M&I selling market fashion/interior/miscellaneous goods/cosmetic/beauty and dieting
【net shop name】M&I selling market
【select line】fashion/interior/miscellaneous goods/cosmetic/beauty and dieting.

2.Service relation
  1. Net shop management (transaction using the Internet)
  2. Language study lecturer business support: Korean lecturer


1.IT relation
  1. Affiliate marketing advertised online database retrieval (tie-up with service offer company)
  2. Providing with cloud computing service (tie-up with service offer company)

  1. Trust of business outsourcing (Conditions of business etc. are investigated standing between a South Korea local enterprise and the enterprise customer, and the dealings mediation between where the condition is suited the enterprise is done).
3.Trade relation (schedule)

  1. Sales and importing and exporting of daily necessaries miscellaneous goods and food.


Business and service

M&I shop
M&I selling market