IT project / Proposal / Produce , Internet Trading / Foreign language education , Outsourcing M&I International Ltd.

M&I International Ltd.
Company overview

Corporate profile

Company idea

Flexible and appropriate response to the changing times and the always creative thinking and the attitude has to be working.

2)Demonstrating of challenging spirit
In all business activities, a phenomenon not limited to, afraid of failure, nor to seek success.
Under the responsibility of the form, compliance with laws.
and social rules, and have a high work ethic, acting boldly to create a new value is a challenge.

3)Maximize customer satisfaction
Above all,We think that the customer is first.We promise that provide a safe,high quality product and service for trust and satisfaction from customer.

4)Quality First
To provide the quality of products and services, as well as improve the quality of all services are working.

5)Construction of mutual trust
Human relationships, an attitude of thankfulness, as human beings either through growth customers, shareholders, business partners, including fair and equitable relationships between all parties seeking to keep doing our corporate social responsibility to each other at the same time creating value and mutual benefit relationship to build.

Company overview

Company name
〒270-2261 Chibaken matsudosi tokiwadaira 4-10-3
Representative director jinwook/Song
November, 2009
The capital
Two million yen
Main bank
  1. Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
  2. Mizuho Bank
◇Net of operating directly shop
Popular item! Welcome to “M&I shop”.
【M&I shop! (MOBILE/PC) 】
M&Iselling market
◇Television mail order and integrated circulation store
fashion/interior/miscellaneous goods/cosmetic/beauty and dieting apparatus;Shop
【M&I selling market (MOBILE/PC)】

The main customer enterprise

Internet Initiative Japan Ltd.
Internet Initiative Japan Ltd.
network system related to the Internet connection service and network;Maintenance, development of telecommunications equipment, and sales.
Progress media  Ltd.
Progress media Ltd.
Online database retrieval advertisement, off-line advertisement, affiliate marketing, and corporate consulting.
Cy net Ltd.
Cy net Ltd.
Internet shopping/Internet technology/Internet contents/E learning business.
TPS Ltd.
Consulting businesses various system developments/engineer residing/dispatch/IT education business/various.
Korean school  in Ueno
Korean school in Ueno
Dispatch of the Korean conversation school and Korean native lecturer.
www uenoschool com/index
The main customer enterprise